Thursday, November 6, 2014

Arthritis, sore thumb and wrist pain

Many have the hand and wrist conditions of arthritis. It might be also called Carpel Tunnel pain, too. Pain that is in my joints where the bones meet and it is sometimes accompanied by inflammation and soreness.  Do you have trouble holding something as small as a paperback book? Well, I did!

There's lots of information on the Internet about exercises for sore joints, but if you have a sore thumb or sore wrist you don't really want more pain that might be caused by exercise. You might rub your achy left thumb base with your right hand to see if it alleviates the soreness? Right?

I had a good idea on how to kill the root cause of the pain.  What if some little bacteria had set up a colony in the base of my thumb? Have you studied some about natural medicine for joints and alternative remedies for pain, if not how will you know where to go for relief. If you hire a doctor you must know a little bit about the job you are hiring the doctor to do. You must know something about your problem so you will know if he or she is giving you the right advice. People do not need more drugs, they are not a quart low on corporate pharmaceuticals!

Lyme Disease Spirochete - moves both forward and backwards like a snake!
Antibiotics will not kill this germ.
Because I had this base of the thumb pain I wondered if these bacterial parasites called Lyme disease (Spirochetes) were boring into my tissue, boring into my thumb and wrist joints? It was very painful 24/7.  I researched Lyme spirochetes for months!  My husband even wrote a Kindle booklet on his recovery from Lyme disease. (the link is below)

The Lyme story is -- after World War 2 the US government secured several German scientists in program called "Operation Paperclip."   They were working on various bacterial germs and disease warfare projects.  One of the Nazi scientist was already working on a bio-weapon with syphilis bacteria.  After a few years this bacteria got away from the experimental lab into the American public and was then called Lyme Disease because it was first discovered in Lyme, CT.  Plum Island is where the government bio laboratory is located north of Boston.  Many local civilians worked at Plum Island and lived on the mainland. The little Lyme Disease germs must have gotten out of containment into the civilian population. When discovered it was not called - "the weaponized syphilis germ" which sounds scary.

What is Lyme disease?
 The Government's warfare spirochete of syphilis was now engineered at Plum Island to be carried by all biting insects, especially ticks!  The US Gov. has given us a germ warfare weapon and it is not even recognized by CDC as the high contagious disease that it is.

How is Lyme disease contagious?
Your dog might get a tick or mosquito bite with the spirochete bacteria and incubate this parasite for some months. The dog might have symptoms of aging and exhibit painful legs, or it might not. Still syphilis bacteria is carried in all body fluids and if the dog licks you or your children everybody may be infested with this very mobile bacteria! It can also be spread by kissing, eating together, sneezing, and sex.

Lyme disease being under reported by the CDC because its symptoms are also the very same symptoms as over 300 other diseases. The reason for so many symptoms is that Lyme disease germ may effect different people in different places of the body depending on the weakness their body may have. Even members of the same family may seem to have completely different diseases and symptoms while they all have the same spirochete bacteria.  There are horror stories on the forums about this terrible disease causing depression, mind fog, pain 24/7, etc.,  to the 300,000 new cases a year.

Check out the Kindle ebook at Amazon below. You can read it on any Mac or PC without owning a Kindle for only $0.99. Don't have a Kindle? No problem. Amazon offers a tiny free download to allow you to read their Kindle books on any computer like reading a pdf.

How I stopped the thumb/wrist joint pain.
I found a natural substance that I now take to kill the root cause of my joint pain. MMS (water Purifier) kills the invading bacteria,  purifies water and also purifies/detoxes inside a person's body, too. This natural mineral supplement has been around for over 80 years for killing bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus. Hikers, campers and explorers have take a weaker solution of chlorine dioxide tablets for killing bacteria in their drinking water while out in the outback, interior and jungles. Jim Humble found that he could formulate the WP - make it stronger -  for killing the Malaria bug in just 24 to 48 hours. It also works great on Lyme disease and all joint pain!

You can try a year's supple of WP for only $25 here --

Thanks for visiting our blog. I hope you try this inexpensive remedy and your pain goes away for good! Over 10 million people have tried it and mostly have had great success. There is a corporate campaign to discredit the MMS saying it is a bleach and you should not take it! Let your heart be your guide.
Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sickness Is Caused By Low Energy?

You might wonder if Sickness might come first and that causes the Low Energy?  No, that's not true!

Low energy comes first. It it has a limited flow, that allows inflammation,  bacteria, fungus, viruses, germs to grow and multiply while reducing the body's immune system.

When I say low energy -- it is something you might feel if you are sensitive?  Maybe? You might not notice you have low energy flow. You might just feel disconnected and a little unsettled. Or "you might feel sick."

In my energy healing practice/ energy training for others we measure the amount of energy flow on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10/10 being the best and highest flow of energy.

The energy we are measuring is the amount of Source energy that is flowing through your body. When that natural flow of energy is blocked or partly blocked the body's ability to heal itself is limited and a person's health is severely challenged. (We have Cosmic Energetic Healing Techniques to raise the level of energy in a person's body.)

We teach this way of healing the body  in  our Laser Reiki classes. You'll find lots of information, articles and testimonials there.

When a person come for an energy healing, I first check to find out just how they are doing in their energy flow. After doing the Laser Reiki energy clearings, i.e. removing the emotional blockages form the past, present or even the future, the client always feels better, lighter and happier.

At the Reiki Ranch we have easy procedures to remove bad, stuck or dark energy from a person. Anybody can learn how to do this and feel good now.  Long standing pain can instantly go away when the bad energy is removed from the area.

It works like magic when the person is aligned with their own healing. I've also seen where if a person is not aligned with getting well their energy clearing is slow and arduous.

Even Reiki is being used in hospitals to quicken the healing process.
You can take a free Reiki 1 class at the Reiki Ranch... 

Health and wellness is natural to your body!  Sickness and pain is not natural -- neither is death a natural way to exist this world!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Reiki is your connection to Source energy
Would you allow Reiki to lift your life -- up to the next level?  

What if you could start this month with a completely free Reiki 1 Certification class and just see where it takes you? ( Next Class date is Jan 26th.

You might have wondered, “How do I take my success a little higher?”
 You may have figured out that education is one of the keys. There is a global market place made up of people wanting to expand their consciousness as well as take their success to a new level.  We are doing this and helping others on this journey into Oneness and Enlightenment. We have found that like-minded people find us and want to associate. Some may also be looking for you, and what you have to offer. Fortunately we are each unique!

Reiki connects you to Source energy and the way we teach it – it gives you a big boost in all areas of your life!

You might ask why is our Reiki certification free when others charge so much?  It is our way pf paying consciousness back for all the neat stuff we receive!

As you know everyone wants to feel good!

One way of having these good feelings is for you to be connected with the higher self/Source/God – a place where you always feel loved!

You might want to stop reading for a moment and try this exercise. Just take a deep breath exhaling completely and say these words three times: “All is well!”

Would you like even more of this energy?

What do you think is holding the masses of people back from this bliss?

Books are full of what’s available …and all the conflicting information is there, too.  Is there a conspiracy to keep the whole nation away from feeling good, being healthy, having a great relationship and enjoying prosperity? Many of us are in the magnetic field of people expanding their consciousness and opening their minds into this new awareness, and this group is expanding beyond containment into Enlightenment!

Learn how we’ve been put down energetically so that we will want to be called normal. We’re programmed since being a baby…
·      How to think.
·      When to be angry, scared or depressed.
·      To limit our dreams, or to not dream big.
·      To give away our sovereignty/freedom.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Commitment? ...or You Just Wishing for Success?

Are you committed - or do you just wish? by Krysta Gibson, Monroe, WA

Here's the picture. You decide to make some changes to your life. Maybe you want to start meditating every day, or doing yoga poses, or reading uplifting books. Or maybe you want to make some changes in your working life. What do you do when the water starts to rise in your boat or the waters get rough?
            Do you jump ship? Do you abandon your plans? Do you turn around and head for home? Or do you stay the course and continue on no matter the adversity you might face? It's one thing to say we're going to do something and it is quite another to follow-through.
            One of the things I've noticed is that as soon as I make the intention to do or not to do something, there is an almost immediate pushback. I make the decision to walk more every day and I fall and hurt my leg, delaying my ability to walk the way I said I would. I decide to begin a particular business project that requires research and suddenly something else comes up that demands my time and attention. I have seen this happen to other people so I know it isn't peculiar to me.
            It's almost like there's a little gremlin that follows us around and as soon as we want to move in a particular direction, the little gremlin's job is to put barriers in the way. Perhaps it's just to see how serious and committed we are. I think I have found a way to deal with the gremlins. Here it is.
            When we decide to make a change of some kind, we need to spend some time deciding how much we want whatever the change will bring us. Do we want it a little bit or a whole lot? Do we want it enough to make a commitment that will not be broken, no matter what happens? If we want it just a little bit and if we aren't prepared to make a long-term commitment, then it is probably better to wait for another time.
            If we truly want whatever it is and we're willing to commit, the gremlin will still show up but it will be relatively easy to tell him or her to go away.
            Another tool to use is to make a list of all the reasons we do and don't want to do something. Say someone decides to meditate daily. Sit down with paper and pen, or open a file on the computer, and list the reasons why you want to meditate daily.
            That list might include:
                        Feeling peaceful more often
                        Able to concentrate my attention better
                        Able to deal with stress at work better
                        Help me on my spiritual path
                        Lower my blood pressure for better health
            Now list the reasons you don't want to meditate every day:
                        Takes away time from doing other things
                        Others in my home will criticize me
                        I can't sit still long enough and get antsy
                        My mind is too active and I get discouraged
                        I am afraid of what I might experience

            For each of the positive things on your list, write more about how you will feel when this happens and how it will impact your life in a positive way. What would it be like to be able to feel peaceful at your core no matter what circumstances you faced in your outer life? Write that down.
            How would being able to concentrate better improve your life? How would it affect your ability to learn? To perform at work?
            Continue with each positive you wrote down until you have a good picture of the benefits to making the commitment to meditate daily.
            Do the same thing with the reasons you don't want to meditate every day. Really investigate if what you wrote down is true. Will meditating every day really take away from your time? Or will being able to concentrate better give you more time during the day?
            Question the validity of the reasons you wrote down. If they aren't valid, cross them off your list. If they are valid, think about how you can lessen the impact of them.
            The idea of this exercise is to give your gremlin a chance to make herself known before you start on your project. Then you won't be surprised when she shows up. You will have an answer for her because you have already worked it out ahead of time.
            When you do this exercise, you might discover you really don't want to commit to the project. That's fine. Now you know that and can delay the project until such time as you are ready.
            More than likely, though, you will discover you really do want to proceed and you will have discovered and dealt with the gremlin's objections in advance, clearing the way for your success.
            Many people are commitment-phobic. They fear making a commitment because they want to keep their options open. "What if I start down this road and change my mind?" By spending time on an exercise like this one before making the commitment you can be sure it is what you really want, make the commitment and come closer to living the life you want to live.
            We live in exceptional times where the opportunities to better ourselves are almost constant. It is one of the reasons we're here. Wouldn't it be nice to decide on a course of action for ourselves and follow-through with greater grace and ease? Spend some time allowing your inner gremlin to show her hand before you begin your next project and see what happens.

Thanks to my good friend Krysta that we have this wonderful article....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Orbs are here

This is the front yard of the Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, WA

2012 Graduation class of Alex Salerno, Balboa Academy, Panama, RP
For graduation night the stage was full of beautiful young man and women plus over a dozen ORBS! See the different sizes of balls floating in the air! What is an orb? A spherical body; a globe.

 Orbs are not lint or dirt on the Camera lens. Orbs photos need to taken with a digital camera using a flash. They can be seen indoors as seen in the graduating class photo or out doors. It is easier to see them outdoors at evening or night. You can find them indoors at any time.

In taking a series of photos they move from one place to another in a floating like way. Are they ghosts, spirit beings or just an energy ball?  We really do not know.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to overcome negative self-talk

How did we get from living in the woods to where we are now?

What was the magic formula that allowed us to go from zero income to running a $500,000 Reiki energy healing school? How did we do this without a job, any credit or even a bank account? In a nutshell, we discovered how to align our energy with our “life manager” in such a way that obstacles to our prosperity simply disappeared. Our life managers lined up with other people’s life managers, energy and money to support our dreams and manifest the life we desired. Can you also use these tools to manifest the life you desire? Yes, the tools are built within you!

The year was 1980 and the international bankers decreed the Panama Canal Zone was to Be given back to the Republic of Panama. I was a civilian working for the Army at Ft. Clayton in Panama, and my wonderful job ended with the loss of the canal. I became unemployed and moved to the States. Depressed, I couldn’t find a job I liked with the government.

My husband Roi and I decided to find a way to earn a living at home. We tried almost every work-at-home business we saw. We tried mail order, MLM, network marketing, chain letters and direct sales and worked most of the make-money-quick offers we received in the mail.

We worked long, hard hours, but nothing seemed to bear the fruit that was promised. We lost a lot of our money printing and mailing flyers. (We're embarrassed to tell you exactly how much.)

I bet you know what I mean. Testing home businesses can be expensive. This constant dollar drain went on for nearly 10 years until we were completely broke and felt thoroughly stupid. We were so broke that we had to live in the woods in an old RV, but that story comes later. If anyone knows about bouncing back, we do! Although we didn't see it then, we were blessed by our losses. We were forced to turn to our inner means of attracting wealth.

Because of our financial losses, frustrations and feelings of failure and hopelessness, we were forced to rely on the hidden part of our minds to pull ourselves out of the deep financial and emotional dead end.

When there was no other way to go—when all external doors had slammed closed—it became obvious that we needed to look within and listen to our intuition for help from a higher source. We were given insight and a specific success formula that included learning Reiki, which increases your connection with Source energy. By looking within, we discovered the “words” that gave our secret partner (a special part of the subconscious mind) the correct input to turn our lives around. We also learned exactly when, how and why to use the “words” to increase our prosperity. We went from living in the woods on a small rented spot of land to having a 22-acre, half-million dollar, energy healing retreat center and school called The Reiki Ranch, a non-profit organization located near Chehalis, Washington.

We discovered there are a few short cuts on the road to success in our process of healing. Working with your own life manager, you can clear financial blockages and heal poverty consciousness. Also, we learned to release limiting dogmas and change a struggle mentality into flourishing in all of our circumstances.

All the while, you can bless your circumstances and let go of self-sabotaging/limiting, hidden and fearful beliefs from your mind. Any contra intention or self-defeating thought will block your ability to acquire wealth.

Along the way, we became the founders of an advanced healing method in which we did all the clearing above, plus instantly removed pain (in most cases), changed fear and anxiety into joy, poverty into plenty and sickness into well-being and high energy. We coined it “Laser Reiki,” because it was so fast and precise. We found that we could even do this clearing process remotely for others. Clients were amazed!

Next, we got the idea that we could just as easily find and delete negative programs causing poverty consciousness. We brainstormed some questions and applied the Laser Reiki energy testing and clearing methods to the limiting beliefs that blocked our prosperity. Our business then tripled.

Before we go, we have a suggestion for you: Learn to ask for your desires in such a way that the mind gives no back talk. We teach these methods in Laser Reiki training.

A major breakthrough was being able to measure the percentage we were blocked on specific issues. We found we could even measure our progress as we worked. If we were blocked by 70 percent, then our success rate could only be 30 percent. We deleted many, many different mind programs for others, such as those who had a fear of success at the same time they had fear of failure. To do our work, we had to clear the fear of not being good enough, the belief that you have to work hard to be successful, and the

dogma that you must have a great education to get ahead. We even had to clear a “genetic fear” that bled into this life that it might not be safe to have money. These programs were deleted with no back talk.

For example, in the Laser Reiki testing method, when we asked the client’s Life Manager what his ability was to start a new business and found that he was only 40 percent clear or open to success, that meant he was 60 percent blocked. Then we would find those blockages, delete them and energize with a positive program. The ability to manifest new business was then increased. This process can be done repeatedly, testing the increase until your ability to attract new business is up there with the best. This is why it is a great idea for you to learn this simple procedure for yourself.

The Law of Attraction and your life manager exist to find you all the material and spiritual things you desire. The movie The Secret made it clear that many people have achieved their goals, but in real life, few who saw the movie made the jump to success. Is there something missing in the process? Yes, and it is that most people have a junk software tug-of-war going on within. If you learn how to hit the delete and reprogram buttons in your consciousness, then you can have what you want with no back talk. It makes sense to learn these release procedures, because expanding consciousness is an ongoing practice.

Roi and I noticed that our manifestations come a lot quicker when the voice within the mind does not talk back. If you say, “I’m a millionaire!,” then the mind will start arguing, reasoning that it doesn’t believe it, can’t see it happening, the bank account doesn’t show it, and that it’s not logical that you’ll magically become a millionaire. Wouldn’t you like to have that back talk go away, just as we have?

Taylore Vance

PS: We've taken our life to the next step and we are able to help you do the same. We have a free CD you can borrow if you will comment and leave us your email, phone number, and mailing address.

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Liquid Manna | Buy Liquid Manna

Liquid Manna! How Can it Help You? What It Is?

Liquid Manna as a super saturated Oxygen water -- Both Regular Liquid Manna and Royal Liquid Manna are simply super-oxygenated premium spring water energetically charged. Each one is used in a different way and in conjunction with one another.

Liquid Manna -- It is believed that disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment and oxygen is known to neutralize/eliminate excessive acidity and toxins. While Liquid Manna is a fairly new discovery, the reports from those who have used them have been miraculous.

How Liquid Manna / Royal Liquid Manna Came About

We are very pleased and excited to introduce our readers to these divinely inspired
Liquid Manna products.

Liquid Manna --How it was Discovered and Liquid Manna Background

Fred Neal explains Liquid Manna:
Since the late 1990's I had used an off-the-shelf technology which had been developed by Rife, Tesla and others over the last 100 years or so. It occurred to me then that I could take that little machine with me and if I were on a late-night trip, there was a way to feed myself oxygen. As a result, I could drive all night without yawning and falling asleep.

Fred Neal continues with the discovery of Liquid Manna : In 2004 I was working with the same technology to develop a detection device to locate IED's (bombs) that were killing our troops. I was able to finish that technology but haven't built the actual unit just yet. During that time I was stricken with polymyalgia and was in 100% pain and at death's door. The doctors finally diagnosed it and when asked about it, they said it was an inflammation of the blood vessels.

They didn't know what caused it. If they didn't know what caused it, how would they know which drug would solve the problem?

Then I learned how to use my previously-discovered technology to convert it for my body, and I was very quickly getting the medical profession out of my life.

Fred Neal continues with the discovery of Liquid Manna : The Bible tells me that I came out of a garden and not a chemistry lab. My basic country instincts told me that my healing would also come from the garden and not through the chemistry lab. Water seems to be a good way for the Lord to do it, eh?

There was no part of me that was not in pain. I was at death's door but was able to cheat death; and within 30 days of getting on my oxygen therapy, there was no more pain and it hasn't been back to this date.

It became clear to me that oxygen is the healing fluid for all situations. That was my engineering evaluation of my situation and I saw no reason why it wouldn't translate to other species of animals, fish, waterways, etc.

During this process, God showed me how to supersaturate the oxygen molecule. Everyone knows that can't be done, but everyone also knows that bumble bees can't fly. What does this mean? Water is very unstable, but when I did what I did, I was able to strengthen the valence orbit of the oxygen to a stable state. In other words, I was able to modify the molecular structure and cause the oxygen to remain in a steady state. It does not appear that this steady state of oxygen changes when bottled in either glass, plastic or left in an open container. This is the part that no one in the world has been able to accomplish. Additionally, I have found out if the water is wet, the oxygen is still in it at the higher level.

Fred Neal continues with the discovery of Liquid Manna : When I use this technology, I am working with energy levels. To give an example of what I mean, it is called "general vitality." Oxygen levels can also be measured and the average person has a general vitality of between 450 - 600 and an oxygen level of maybe 900. A good grade of drinking water will possibly have an oxygen level of 1,400, so, when a 600 energy level is exposed to a 1,400 level of oxygen, through satisfying one's thirst, we would expect a rise in energy level.

I have learned further that poisons displace oxygen in the body driving the pH down, but oxygen displaces poisons in the body, conversely driving the pH up. Ideally a human's pH should be between 7 and 8. All diseases require an acid environment to live and that is a pH of less than 7. Seven and above is in the alkaline range and diseases cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment.

I think the reason people are sick is that they are low on oxygen! Liquid Manna radiates oxygen and that seems to fix this situation...

I started out raising the oxygen level to one million on my (proprietary) scale, then two million and on up. This level of oxygen is unheard of, but it is difficult to measure unless you have the right equipment. There is equipment, I am told, on the market that can measure it, but it seems that no one is going to build a million-dollar piece of equipment to measure something that supposedly can't be done.

Anyway, I got the water to 20 million, left it for a time with no adverse reactions, so I raised it to 30 million. This seemed to work real well, and a lot of folks got their immune system kicked back in and now don't experience colds or flu during the winter months.

Then I wanted to design a water that would be good for burn victims. Highly-oxygenated water has instant tissue-healing qualities about it, and it has worked on minor burns. So far I have not had the opportunity to get it into a burn unit.

Fred Neal continues with the discovery of Liquid Manna : People with stomach, bladder, and colon cancers have drunk our water with much success. I am excited about it as I have had three hernia operations, one low that had to be repaired, and then an umbilical hernia where they did about a four-inch incision horizontally above my navel. All those scars have disappeared, so I know first-hand that the water has tissue-healing qualities. You can imagine what it would do to damage done on the inside of the body.

Our product is not just water; it is a technology whose time has come. Thus, we consider it Liquid Manna. This God-inspired technology allows me to enhance the water without opening the bottle. It is a proprietary technology that some folks don't understand and we don't reveal how it is done. Col. Sanders, Coca-Cola and others market their products without revealing their secret recipes, so with that precedence we take comfort in keeping our technology secret also.

People have heard about Liquid Manna and have contacted me for it while sharing with their friends and loved ones. This has spread by word of mouth, and consequently, more and more are sharing in the blessing. We are still discovering what all it will do, so don't be surprised. We have had no adverse effects in five years so enjoy and let us know how it works in your situation.

We make no medical claims. Engineering is our background, not medicine.
Fred Neal continues with the discovery of Liquid Manna -- We have just learned how to increase the oxygen in water to an extremely high level.

-Our Liquid Manna Supplier is Reiki Ranch

Monday, January 24, 2011

Reiki Hospitals | Reiki in Hospital | Dr. Oz Reiki

Reiki therapy: Energy healing with a simple hands-on healing is called Reiki therapy. Reiki is one of the most used energy healing modality in the world and is also one of the easiest and most effective to use. Its No surprise that the medical profession: doctors, nurses and aids are now beginning to study and use Reiki to help patients heal faster.

Reiki therapy is god force energy. It always raises the vibrational energy for the patients and that means better health and well being.

Did you know that Hospitals are now using Reiki therapy?

The California Pacific Medical Center -- One of the largest hospitals in northern California where Dr. Mike Cantwell, a pediatrician specializing in infectious diseases, provides one to three hour-long reiki therapy sessions. When asked how reiki therapy helps his patients Cantwell said, "I have found reiki therapy to be useful in the treatment of acute illnesses such as musculoskeletal injury, pain, headache, acute infections and asthma. Reiki therapy is also useful for patients with chronic illnesses especially those associated with chronic pain."

Dr. Mehmet Oz. of The Columbia Presbyterian Medical Centre in New York City was one of the first to include a Reiki practitioner in his department. Says Dr. Oz: "Reiki therapy has become a sought-after healing art among patients and mainstream medical professionals."

Dr. Mehmet Oz is one of the leading cardiovascular surgeons in the United States and has appeared many times on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The New York Times Magazine reported that Dr. Oz has allowed the use of Reiki during open heart surgeries and heart transplant operations because he has noticed Reiki therapy gave the patient a greater sense of peace and harmony.

The Japanese had a Reiki Master on board all their ships during the war. Ironically, Reiki therapy still has to gain a modicum of acceptance in the East, where it originated. Reiki flourished in Japan because the Meiji emperor supported Usui's efforts to teach and give reiki, and the older people of his generation welcomed the return to spirituality. Since his death, however, reiki has not been incorporated into the Japanese health care system and continues to remain largely in the shadows of modern medicine.

Several other hospitals across the US have included reiki therapy in their roster of patient services.

Dr. Nancy Eos of the University of Michigan Medical School is one of the increasing number of doctors who incorporates Reiki therapy in their medical practice. "I can't imagine practicing medicine without Reiki," Eos says. "With Reiki therapy all I have to do is touch a person. Things happen that don't usually happen. Pain lessens in intensity. Rashes fade. Wheezing gives way to breathing clearly. Angry people begin to joke with me."

Reiki therapy has been practiced Since 1998 in the Columbia/HCA Portsmouth Regional Hospital in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Doctors have been giving their surgical patients the option of 15 min pre- and post- surgery reiki therapy treatments. As a result of this, there has been less use of pain medication, shorter length of stay in the hospital and an increase in patient satisfaction.

In the Reiki therapy Clinic at Tucson Medical Center in Arizona, a team of Reiki therapy practitioners give reiki energy healing treatments to patients. Reiki therapy was first offered to patients in the Cancer Care Unit but has since expanded to other units after it had been proven that pain, chronic conditions, and post operative surgery conditions all responded well to reiki therapy.

Many hospitals are adding Reiki Therapy to their practices

Reiki therapy practitioners are also becoming mainstays in delivery rooms in hospitals where reiki therapy is given to mothers and babies to help alleviate the trauma of the birthing process. Tests conducted at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut show that Reiki therapy used during pregnancy reduced anxiety by 94 percent, nausea by 80 percent, pain by 78 percent and improved sleep by 86 percent.

Two other hospitals in New York, namely Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital and Memorial Sloane Kettering Hospital have also embraced reiki. Marilyn Vega is a nurse who has given reiki sessions to patients in both hospitals. "Reiki sessions cause patients to heal faster with less pain," says Vega.